H & P establishes competence center for digital learning

H & P takes into account the changing learning landscape of modern companies and invests in the development and expansion of digital learning media as part of our digital strategy.

To this end, we are opening our “Digital Competence Center” in specially equipped rooms.

From green screens, high-speed cameras, video editing systems, camera drones to various learning management systems and other digital infrastructure – in H & P’s portfolio our customers will find everything that is useful to equip their company for the learning of the future.

Do you know such questions?

  • How can I make my trainings, seminars and workshops shine online or hybrid?
  • The next digital meeting is coming up. What can you do to make sure it doesn’t turn into another boring PA session for the participants?
  • What does it now take in everyday leadership to lead teams digitally and hybrid?
  • What does learning of the future look like? Digital, blended, hybrid or face-to-face?

If the above questions sound familiar to you, we are pleased to introduce you to our competence center for digital learning.

By the way:
H & P has been conducting training and consulting in the form of blended learning concept approaches since 2012. That means we have 10 years of experience in the use of digital learning media.

This makes us one of the pioneers in the industry. Since 2017, all our consultations and trainings are already conducted in a mix of webinars, podcasts, tutorials, online quizzes, learning management systems, as well as presence and transfer units (best practice sharing).