Expertise across 10 Industries, more than 100 Clients worldwide.

Our partners have in-depth expert knowledge in the following industries:

Automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial goods & capital goods, optical industry, medical devices, finance & insurance, agricultural, IT, technical testing organization, food, sports, transportation & mobility, aerospace, etc.

Frank Nissen CEO Ceravis AG

"Our field sales force was trained by the management consultancy "Hammerling & Partner" on the topics of solution selling and cross-selling. We were very satisfied with the results and with the subsequent developments in sales. Therefore, we can fully recommend Hammerling & Partner in the context of sales developments."

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V. (DLR)

"As a DLR-licensed management consultancy, Hammerling & Partner conducted various workshops on management feedbacks, Hammerling & Partner conducted various workshops on process optimization at DLR. Particularly noteworthy are the interactive and always goal-oriented approach as well as the very good and, above all, practically implementable results."

Lena Pistor-Sudmeier - HR Professional HARTING Technologiegruppe

"The management consultancy Hammerling & Partner (H&P), which specializes in organizational development, has been carrying out consulting and training in the various business areas of the HARTING Technology Group since 2014. The previous cooperation included various offers for sales engineers, trainings of the Customer Service, consulting and support during the introduction of an Inside Sales function as well as the development of trainer competences for our product managers. H&P is characterized by a high service orientation and customized training concepts. Participants receive clear and high-quality recommendations for successful implementation in practice. With H&P we have a reliable and competent partner and look forward to further cooperation."


Francesco Bruno Geschäftsführer Julius Haupt GmbH

"I have been working with Hammerling & Partner for many years in the context of sales consulting and sales training, as well as organizational and team development. The long cooperation with this external partner is characterized by very high quality, fast coordination and decision-making processes as well as a high degree of transparency and trust. Therefore, we can recommend Hammerling & Partner at any time."


Dr. Daniel Spalenka, Managing Director MANDIK Deutschland GmbH

"We use the expertise of Hammerling & Partner for the expansion of our sales activities in the ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and fire protection industry in Germany. For this purpose, H&P supports us with structural sales consulting, personnel acquisition, as well as training and coaching of the sales field force and of the offer management (tender management - internal sales force). We are very satisfied with the professional cooperation and recommend H&P for all organizations that want to gain a foothold in the German market."


Dr. Thomas Hartmann Geschäftsführer Mettler-Toledo Garvens GmbH

"I got to know Hammerling & Partner back in 2015 as part of an organizational development measure in technical sales. What was special was the detailed and practical familiarization with the sales challenges and business specifics, as well as the highly professional delivery of the coordinated content. Since then, we have been working regularly with H&P in the context of sales consulting and training and can unreservedly recommend this consultancy."


Uwe Dammen Leiter Außendienst - Leiter Trade Marketing Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft Laurens Spethmann GmbH & Co.KG

"Hammerling & Partner has been training our sales force and our area sales managers for many years. Particularly noteworthy is the custom-fit and specific conception of the trainings, as well as the motivating and interactively conveyed training content. The special know-how of LEH (food retail) makes Hammerling & Partner the top dog in the industry. Uwe Dammann , Head of Field Service - Head of Trade Marketing - Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft Laurens Spethmann GmbH & Co. KG If you always want to challenge and promote your sales force, this training institute is the right place."


Friederike Leibinger - Expert HR Development Talent & Leadership PERI Group

"Hammerling & Partner (H&P) designed a hybrid training program with the topics "Leading myself, Leading others, Leading the organization" as part of our leadership development and has been conducting this for us for several years. We are very satisfied with the results and the quality of the cooperation and can highly recommend H&P in the context of organizational/leadership development."

Revell Carrera Logo

Stefan Krings CEO Carrera Revell Group

"I got to know Hammerling & Partner in the context of a strategic sales development. Particularly noteworthy are the excellent familiarization with the topic, as well as the methodically sound and structured approach. I am very satisfied with the results and gladly recommend this management consultancy / training organization. "


Emma de Latte Sales Manager Digital Consultants RICOH Belgium

„I got to know Hammerling & Partner during a training for RICOH Europe. Training title: „The Boardroom Training - Selling at C-Level“. This is a sales concept and a real life simulation with "real board members". With these C-Level decision-makers, a sales proposal is developed and finally presented in the Boardroom. So you got the chance to get valuable feedback from real executives." This is a sales training that is second to none! The best training I have ever attended. I can highly recommend H&P in the context of sales development.“

Frank Dekker Vice President DACH Rodenstock Group

"Hammerling & Partner (H&P) has been working for our company since 2010. The combination of optical expertise and sales consulting competence available at H&P is very rare on the German market to this extent. Over the years, Hammerling & Partner has been involved in the following projects:

. - Consulting in the context of digitalization projects

- Consulting on international sales strategies (Sales Olympics)

- Training of our glass field service

-Training of our internal sales force

- In-house sales training at our customers (optical companies in D, AUT, CH, UK, FR, FIN, etc.)

- Training at our Rodenstock Academy

In all the above projects we have had very good experience in working together. The return on investment was always given! Therefore, we can explicitly recommend Hammerling & Partner as a management consultancy and training institute."

Carsten Schellenberg - Managing Director SUEZ WTS Germany GmbH

"Hammerling & Partner (H&P) supported us at the Bitterfeld site over a longer period of time in the context of various organizational development projects. The familiarization with company-specific topics and processes, as well as the very professional cooperation must be emphasized. The consultants of H&P are - besides their technical expertise - able to build bridges quickly on a human level and to create acceptance for the measures taken. This is a building block for the success of any organizational transformation that should not be underestimated. I have not always seen this combination in the past 20 years in my everyday professional life and can therefore recommend H&P without reservation."